Read Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews Before Buying

Introduction To Embrace Pet Insurance

If you’re deciding to get Embrace pet insurance for your pet, then part of the deal is understand exactly what you’re getting out of the deal. Before making any hasty decisions, you need to evaluate what Embrace pet insurance covers, and whether it can be your pet’s best insurance.

So, let’s get down to it! What can you expect from Embrace pet insurance?

Well, good coverage to begin with. Accidents and illnesses are an inevitability as dogs and cats age, so if you’re going through pet insurance plans, start by seeing just how much they cover in the case of an emergency. ER visits can be really costly, and operations for heart disease, cancers, or accidents between pets and cars can break your bank even further. With Embrace, you’re covered for breed-specific conditions, cancer treatment, and diagnostic testing just to begin with.


They’ve got the standard dog and cat insurance options available, with different plans for your felines and canines throughout their various life stages. Kittens and puppies receive different plans than adult pets, so keep that in mind before getting a quote. Depending on how old your pet is, you may want to wait a bit and grab and adult pet insurance plan, rather than switching in a month or so.

Embrace is one of the few companies that may actually offer the best pet insurance all around – but be sure to explore your options nonetheless.

Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Everything’s got its pros and cons – pet insurance included. Embrace pet insurance has a bunch of great pros, including genetic conditions (a rare plus, in fact), wellness coverage, and the lack of an incident limit on their claims. What that means is that, through Embrace, you can get coverage on things like dental cleaning, spaying or neutering, and other usually unessential procedures that most other companies don’t cover at all.


  • It’s also one of the more affordable insurance options. Accident-only policy monthly coverage can start at just over $18 a month for a black lab puppy. So, what exactly is covered? Well, this is why this pet insurance review was written.Embrace covers diagnostic testing, including ultrasound and x-rays, rehabilitation, surgery and post-surgery nursing care, and alternative therapies including pet plans around chiropractic practices, acupuncture, homeopathic treatments, holistic medicine and a plethora of other increasingly popular alternative medicinal solutions – including even lesser known methods like Reiki and hydrotherapy. Among the only alternative medicines Embrace doesn’t cover  are herbal medicines.
  • Another plus to Embrace is the fact that they’re liberal with their veterinarians. You don’t have to stick to an Embrace-centric vet – instead, the company with cover you no matter what vet you go to, which is great when you’re bound to a specific vet due to location, or friendship.

But, it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine; Embrace doesn’t automatically cover prescription drugs in its main coverage, meaning you’ll have to get them separately. They do offer it, no doubt – but the fact that it’s optional means you may end up paying more all in all than you might’ve originally thought you would.


Another, perhaps larger con is the fact that there’s an age limit on Embrace pet insurance coverage for illnesses. Accidents are covered throughout a pet’s life, from nose to tail – but diseases are another matter. After the age of 14, Embrace pet insurance offers an accident-only plan, with Wellness Rewards. Pre-14, however, all plans are open. For canine coverage, this covers a vast majority of most breeds’ lifespans, but owners can argue that disease coverage isn’t offered when pets are at their most crucial points in life. Thankfully, however, they offer lifelong coverage for chronic health conditions.

Embrace pet insurance also doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions, or prosthetics in case your pet loses a limb, and you’d like to replace it. Training also isn’t covered in their wellness options. If your pet happens to get into a fight, injuries suffered by such fighting isn’t covered by them either – it’s advised, however, as an owner, to make sure that doesn’t ever actually happen.

What Should You Notice When Buying Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews

Embrace pet insurance is without a doubt one of the best options when you’re looking for pet insurance, but doing your due diligence and researching about the company is essential. When you’re looking into pet insurance reviews, one of the first questions that come to mind are: how much is pet insurance? In the case of Embrace pet insurance, you’re looking at a custom quote for each individual case – but as noted earlier, a 10-month old black lab will cost you about $18.50 a month, illness coverage not included.

Embrace does, however, offer discounts. Currently, you can get as much as 5% off from spaying and neutering, and if you’ve got more than one pet, then you’ll get another 5% cut off from your monthly fees for a multi-pet discount. Couple that up with an annual subscription on Embrace pet insurance, and you’ll receive another 5%. These add up pretty quick.

Even better benefits are given to military personnel, corporate pet insurance plans and vet plans. If you’re working at a veterinary hospital, or if you’re part of a company eligible for pet insurance, then Embrace offers various discounts. Pet parents in the Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard or Air Force (or if their spouse is in the military) receive an additional 5% off the total costs as well as a sort of VIP pet insurance bonus – coupled with multi-pet insurance and an annual plan, that’s 15% off your costs right off the bat if you or your partner happens to be in the army. Otherwise, you’re still eligible for a good 10%.

If you’ve ever had your pet dog perform a PennHIP test, and scored lower than 0.3, that’s another 5% discount you can take advantage of. Depending on your dog’s age and breed, however, becoming eligible for that discount may be difficult.