Pet Cremation is an Important Process to be Done Professionally

Death of a pet is a very tragic experience for all in the family and even for neighbors. It is just like losing a family member; after all, you have spent some of your happiest and saddest moments with your pet. Yet, there are things to be taken care of; such as the cremation of your pet.

Choosing the right cremation of your pet

There are both private and communal options when it comes to the cremation of your pet. Private cremation helps your pet get an exclusive cremation but the communal cremation is referred to the cremation done along with other animals. It is always best to choose a cremation service that is legal and has the necessary certification. If you opt for private pet cremation, you can ask for the ashes of your pet so that you can scatter them as and how you prefer it. Also, with permission, you can also watch your pet being cremated and many pet owners prefer this as it helps them to come to terms with their loss and helps them in closure.

In a communal cremation service, you may not be able to get the ashes as a group of animals are together cremated and the ash that they give you may be mixed with the ashes of other animals too. You can check out with your family, colleagues or even your vet for a proper and legal cremation of your pet.

The process of cremation of your pet

Cremation area for pets is a place that is exclusively for the cremation of pets. The process involves placing the body of the pet in unit for cremation and subjecting it to high temperature which can vary from 1400 to 1800 Fahrenheit. Such a high temperature is essential to reduce the organic matter as fine as possible, so that what remains is dust and bones. Any surgical appliances or any metal objects in the body are removed with the help of magnetic process. The final remains are then pulverized and the coarse powder that remains is transferred into a plastic bag or a tin and sealed and then handed to the owner. There are many ways to dispose off the last remains of your pet. You can either scatter the remains in any place that was the favorite of the pet or choose to store it in any artistic urn for memories or even bury it in their backyard. You also get cremation art these days which makes it possible to create a unique art piece from the ashes.

Smaller animals take lesser time to be cremated but larger animals such as horse or certain dog breeds may take up to two hours to be cremated.

Most of the cremation for pet services will provide the facility of picking up the body of the pet from the owner’s home, or from the hospital, cremating it and then returning the ashes. They will also provide a certificate for the cremation which will include the details of the cremation with the date, name of the pet and the owner and so on.