Kitty Litter Issues: 3 Foolproof Ways To Toilet Train Your Cat

Are you at your wits end cleaning up cat pee and poop?

Do you wish your cat would finally learn to do their business in a litter box?

It is time for you to toilet train your cat so you can end the madness. Toilet training your cat doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need the proper equipment and a little bit of patience. This article will provide you three fool-proof ways to toilet train your cat.

1) Make Your Kitten Feel Safe

Going to the bathroom puts your kitten in a vulnerable position.

Therefore, you need to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them. Put their litter box in a cool, quiet place that is away from the hustle and bustle of your household.

Don’t place the litter box where your kids run around. Your kitten will want a reasonable amount of privacy.

If your kitten feels comfortable using their litter box, they’ll return to it again and again.

2) Place Your Pet in the Litter Box

In order to train your cat to use their litter box, they need to understand what the litter box is for.

One way to do this is to place your cat into the litter box when you think it needs to go. Do this shortly after mealtime, when the cat wakes up, or when you notice your cat hasn’t gone in a while.

If the cat is in the litter box whenever it has to use it, it will quickly start to associate the litter box with peeing or pooping.

3) Buy an Appropriate Litter Box for Your Cat

No two cats are the same and therefore each cat has different litter box needs.

For instance, a kitten will need a smaller letterbox than a large cat.

You should buy a durable plastic litter box like the one from mycattraining so it will last a long time.

If you have a small cat make sure the walls of the litter box aren’t too high so your cat can easily access it.

Keep the litter box clean so your cat isn’t too disgusted to use it. After all, think about how much you hate using dirty public bathrooms.

Follow These Tips to Toilet Train Your Cat

These three tips should help you toilet train your cat in no time.

Cats are smart animals and using a litter box comes naturally to them.

Don’t forget to be patient with your cat or kitten if it does take them a while to learn. Cats who were formally outdoor animals will have a particularly hard time getting used to a litter box.

Use positive reinforcements by giving your cat a treat when he uses the litter box.