How To Stop Guinea Pigs From Fighting

How to stop guinea pigs from fighting? Guinea pigs are social animals and should not be kept in isolation. If you have more than one guinea pig, it is important to house them together to prevent them from fighting.

How To Stop Guinea Pigs From Fighting: Things You Can Do To Help Reduce The Chances 

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the chances of your guinea pigs fighting:

  1. Make sure each guinea pig has its own space to eat, sleep, and play
  2. Provide plenty of toys and enrichment to keep them occupied
  3. Introduce the guinea pigs gradually, and monitor their behavior closely
  4. If necessary, separate the guinea pigs during feeding times
how to stop guinea pigs from fighting

How To Stop Guinea Pigs From Fighting; What’s The Deal With My Guinea Pigs Fighting?

They aren’t exactly known for their patience and sometimes these arguments get physical! It might not end up badly but you’ll often see one of the animals with scratches or bandages on them after an intense row has taken place – so watch out if things start heating up in between those couple of friends who live separately at home (but share each others’ company outside).

  • Male pigs should not be housed with other males because this can lead to aggressive behavior.
  • When you get a new pet, make sure it’s the right sex before taking them home. That way there won’t be any problems and also no one ends up with an unwanted pregnancy!
  • Males living all together can be an interesting experience. They’re chances to try and show their dominance, but this might not always lead to a fight – sometimes it’s just a necessary process for establishing order in what is already chaos.
  • If your guinea pigs get into an intense face-to-face fight, it’s time to call in the experts. They may circle each other carefully before shaking and bearing their teeth as if trying out tactics for later use (or just being really aggressive).

When Your Pigs Fight, What Should You Do?

  • The first thing to do is identify if it’s a proper fight or not. If they’re just being dominant, then back off and wait for them to subside before trying again
  • Now that you have separated your guinea pigs, be sure to follow the next section on how best for them.
  • When you separate them after a fight, it’s important to make sure both pets are healthy and not injured. Keep one away from each other for tonight so they don’t get any worse while healing up.
  • If you think the fight was too much for your guinea pigs to handle, it might be best if they stay away from each other. Letting them circle one another without any physical contact may help calm down their anger and rebuild trust in one another again; however after this rug cleaning session there will need to continue observation of both animals’ behavior over time before making a decision on whether or not relationship has been restored.

How To Put An End To The Fight

  • Disputes between two guinea pigs can be ugly and dangerous, but there are ways to keep yourself safe. Before you try to break this dispute make sure that your hands are protected by gloves or towels so no harm comes towards you!
  • When two pigs get into an aggressive fight, the victim usually ends up being hurt. In this case, you should try and grab onto one of them before things can get worse for yourself! If it’s not possible then just break up any potential fights by using cardboard or anything else at your disposal as fast as possible so no further harm comes from these altercations
  • Follow these steps to create a discreet environment for your experiments. Make sure you have one person in each room and don’t let them hear or see each other.

What Is The Best Way To Keep My Pig From Biting?

  • If you have a guinea pig that bites toys or other objects in its cage, this is not an issue. But if the pet keeps biting things like cages-mates and staff members it may need some extra attention from time to calm down!
  • Acclimating your pet to the feel of its surroundings and being handled by someone else when it’s young or just moved into a new home can help avoid bites in adulthood.
  • To make your Pig feel more at home, try putting their hand in its cage to let them sniff it and climb on top. Once they are comfortable with this new environment item use caution because if not handled properly these birds can carry diseases so keep fingers away from any exposed skin
  • Guinea pigs are very smart animals, and they know when you’re pressing on their sensitive areas. They might even give a little nip to let them know what’s happening.
  • It is important to provide your guinea pigs with the opportunity for privacy when going number two. If they like doing their business in private, then you should let them be and don’t hold it longer than necessary because this can result in bites from stressed animals!

Do Guinea Pigs Feed Or Assault Their Offspring?

Some people suggest that Guinea Pigs attack their young when they are in pain, underfed, or threatened by other pigs nearby. It’s best to speak with a vet about this since it can be concerning for pregnant mothers who have been captured by humans and forced into cages as pets without ever having had time to adjust before giving birth.


If you are having trouble getting your guinea pigs to get along, contact your veterinarian for assistance. With proper care and management, you can help reduce the chances of your guinea pigs fighting.

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