How To Keep Cats Away From Plants: 5 Effective Ways

Cats are natural enemies of plants. They will try and kill them if they can get their paws on it! So, how to keep cats away from plants? The best way to deter cats from your garden is by making sure there’s plenty for everyone. That means no one plant stands out as more important than the others because this might be where those pests lounge around, waiting until nightfall or early morning hours before hunting down prey (or sometimes just sunning themselves).

Cats are naturally exciting creatures. They will explore anything they find inside your home, which means that if you have a plant with leaves or fronds in it- those pesky cat hackers may try digging up dirt to see what’s underneath! If there isn’t any movement on the surface level, consider yourself lucky because most cats enjoy taking their time before exploring further into planters.

You might be wondering why your cat is targeting plants in the first place. Well, they’re not after you- it’s just that those pesky felines have a knack for ruining everything we love! However, these pests can sometimes target their human companions, so keep an eye out if something seems amiss with your or someone else’s decorating choices. The best way to stop this behavior? 

how to keep cats away from plants

How To Keep Cats Away From Plants

A houseplant is a great addition to any home, but you must protect them from cats. Although they may seem cute and cuddly at first glance (or even within range!), these beautiful plants will die if your pet companion gives too much attention! Luckily for all of us who love indoor gardening or living with pets- there are five proven solutions on how we can keep our furry friends away from our favorite plant:

Spray Water On Cats

What’s the best way to keep your cat away from plants? A little water, of course! When they get near any kind of outdoor living space like a Patio or Garden, don’t hesitate in giving them a quick spritz with an easy-to-use spray bottle of full strength, and then watch as their curiosity takes over.

This method, while simple, only works if you are at home most of the time and can keep a constant eye on your plants.

Cats who don’t have a problem with the plants won’t mind you going away; they’ll get sneakier. On the other hand, others will develop an aversion to the plants as a result of this and avoid them even when you’re not there. It’s worth a shot to see how your cat feels about it, but keep in mind that not everyone thinks it’s okay.

Spray Light Chemical Repellent On Plants

Many products on the market will do just this, including strongly scented sprays, which should make them turn around and go in another direction. You can also try making some of their own with household ingredients!

You might use a diluted solution of both ingredients (like a 50/50 combination). Alternatively, garlic puree in water is similar but more intense. Cats don’t like spice! If you want to get serious with your cat-napping, I recommend sprinkling hot chili peppers around their plant. Just be aware that this can hurt the little ones if eaten or inhaled too much by them – use carefully.

Some people advocate using vinegar sprays due to the strong odor. On the other hand, Vinegar may be safe for you and your pets, but it is an acid that will undoubtedly harm your plants’ leaves after a few sprays. Avoid this advice at all costs.

Cover The Soil

Cats are excellent diggers, but their favorite pastime is taking care of business in your house plants. There’s one easy solution- add some heavy pebbles to the soil surface so they can’t get through it. It should be moist enough to leak water through the top and the dirt beneath as long as it isn’t too densely packed. It doesn’t have the same feel or appeal as a litter box.

You can deter your cat from wanting to jump on you by covering the soil with aluminum foil. Cats don’t like this material and will avoid it if possible, so use a few pieces around Christmas when they might be climbing up in search of presents under trees or inside attics.

Make Unpleasant Noise 

You can deter your cat from jumping up on the plants by making a loud sound. Anything sudden and surprising will work, like stepping on an incredible piece of music or turning over something heavy in their path.

This is a great way to make your plants pop without toxic chemicals. All you need are some loose tin-foil plates, which can be placed on top of each other or left in stripes depending on what looks best for their space limitations (a little goes long!). This technique may require resetting daily, though, so watch out.

Using double-sided tape, you can also prevent your cat from jumping through the air. Place it near plant pots so they don’t have enough space to jump over, making them stay away.

Give Your Cat A Plant

You can distract a leaf-chewing cat away from your houseplants by providing them with some own plants. This will allow you to enjoy the company of these cute animals without worrying about damaging valuable plant life in front yards all around. Cats go crazy for these! They’re perfect chew items. Give them an occasional break while watching over your furry friend’s health with care and attention.

Your decoy should become the center of attention from your cat if you use a few of the other ideas for “real” plants. There are many plants that cats will chew on and end up being toxic or dangerous for them in some other way- so before you get your new pet cat, make sure they aren’t going put holes through any walls.

Why Cats Eat Plants?

According to specialists, cats consume grass to assist with digestion and evacuate hairballs they acquire while grooming themselves. Indoor plants would function similarly, especially for a cat that doesn’t have access to your outside garden. Because this behavior is typical in cats, providing them a little “green” area in your home where you may grow grass could help them digest (and save your plants!)

Final Words

The only thing worse than a houseplant eating your cat is when you can’t find one to keep them company. With some patience and creativity, though- along with the right strategy! -you will eventually be able (and maybe even enjoy) live life alongside these slender aliens from another world, or at least until they start destroying everything again.

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