When to Take Your Dog to the Vet: 5 Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

The United States is a dog-loving country. Nearly 44 percent of Americans own a pet dog.

We want to make sure our dogs are happy and healthy. You can’t do this if you don’t know when to take your dog to the vet.

In the wild, dogs know not to reveal any weakness or vulnerability. That’s why only careful attention of owners can recognize when our dogs are unwell.

Check out these five warning signs that you should look out for with your pet dog. Let’s go!

1. Change of Appetite

Your dog probably loves eating so much that you really notice when there is a change of appetite.


However, it’s possible your dog may skip a meal or two if it’s hot outside or they have overeaten previously.


It may also be that your dog normally regulates itself. If you suddenly notice your dog uncharacteristically eating garbage, this could be a warning sign.


Or, it could be that your dog’s eating habits are absolutely normal. Instead, you find that your dog has an excessive thirst for water. This could be a sign of kidney disease or diabetes.


If you notice that you’re refilling your dog’s bowl constantly or your dog has skipped more than a couple of meals, this is a sign you need to get your dog checked out.

2. Especially Rough or Dry Coat

You know your dog’s coat better than anyone. If you recognize your dog’s coat to be rougher or drier than normal, it’s a warning sign. If there are any bald patches this could be a sign of serious illness.


It could simply be that your dog has been eating the wrong type of food. Alternatively, your dog could have developed a skin disease or allergy.

3. Frequent Vomiting

It’s normal for dogs to occasionally vomit. If they eat something that’s not good for them, they often get rid of it by vomiting.


But if they frequently vomiting during the day, you should be aware that this could be a sign that something’s wrong.


Moreover, if your dog is vomiting blood or has a fever, you need to take your pet dog to a vet immediately. Get in touch with Sykesville Veterinary Clinic to find out more.

4. Strange Stool

As with human beings, a dog’s stool is always a good sign of general health.


If your dog is producing especially dry or hard stools, you need to be alert to the potential problems.


You need to watch out for anything irregular about your dog’s stool. Take note if your dog is suffering from diarrhea for a prolonged period of time, such as over 24 hours.

5. Tiredness and Reluctance to Move

Have you noticed a sudden change in energy in your dog?


If your dog is unwell, they’ll probably be uninterested in going for a walk or playing fetch.


Although there are other explanations for your dog’s fatigue, if the symptoms continue, you should seek the advice of a vet.

When to Take Your Dog to the Vet?

The warning signs that your dog is sick are not always obvious to owners. That’s why it’s really important to be able to recognize when your dog is behaving differently. Then, you know when to take your dog to the vet.


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