Top 10 Dog Training Blogs To Follow!

Hi there fellow dog lover, and welcome to my ranking on the top dog  blogs to check out for training tips and tricks. If you’re like me, it’s important to you to have a well trained and behaved dog. They are the most amazing companions, but there needs to be mutual respect that most often requires training and discipline. Whether you’re raising a new pup, or want to teach an old dog some new tricks, dog training is great for both the owner and companion! Let’s get into the list:

 Say Yes Dog Training by Susan Garrett

say yes dog training

Susan is a prominent agility trainer who specializes in a cooperative approach to training her dogs. She applies no nonsense scientific principles to training her dogs, with the main concern of the dog’s well being. She’s one of my favorite training bloggers due to her holistic approach to dog training and life.

Dog Training Blogger with Wayne Booth

dog training blogger


Wayne started out as a dog trainer 30 years ago, never did he think that his online blog would become such a global platform for trainers and dog owners alike. He is the founder and director of the Canine behaviour specialists network, where he trains people from all over the world to be dog behaviour specailists and trainers. What an amazing influence he has had on the dog training sphere.

Natural Dog Blog with Neil Sattin

natural dog blog


Neil’s unique approach involves teaching the philosophy and practice of natural dog training to eliciting obedience from your dog. He aims to help owners connect naturally with their dogs, to discover how to work with them rather than fighting their natural instincts. I really like his deep emotional approach to connect with your companion.

The Dog Training Secret

dog training secret

The Dog Training Secret is one of my go to blogs for behaviour issues and bonding. They use the popular approach of positive reinforcement hands off training methods. They’re very interactive, and have a great online presence.

That Mutt – A Dog Blog

dog blog

That Mutt blog is a great resource for real issues that you may come across when training and raising your pup. They cover a plethora of categories including training, care, rescues, product reviews, and even raw food which I’m a huge advocate of. Definitely give them a read over and see if you can find something helpful!

Dog Star Daily


dog star daily

I’ve used Dog Star Daily to raise a few of my pups now. It’s arguably one of the best puppy training resources, and also goes on from there to teach you about proper adult dog training, manners and obedience, and covers a wide variety of behaviour issues. Bravo on becoming such an informative site.

Cesar’s Way with Cesar Millan

cesars way

His name says it all, one of the most renowned and experienced trainers in the world of dog training.  Cesar’s blog reflects all of his work, and guides you on how to raise your dogs in an appropriately disciplined pack. He covers hot topics like exercise, discipline, affection, walking, socialization, and how to lead your pup.


Clicker Training


Clicker training is a viable training method for dogs that focuses on. Their site has complete guides, videos, and even provides trainers to get your dog trained properly through positive reinforcement. I also really like their blog for the abundance of health tips, and their “Ask a Trainer” blog posts.

The Good Dog Life Blog by Sean O’Shea


good dog life blog

The Good Dog Life Blog isn’t the most well known, but it’s one of my favorite training blog that just oozes with insight. Sean’s writing style is very captivating, and his real world examples are extremely useful in understanding the ways of our canine friends.

Creative Dog Training with Margaret Jones Davis

creative dog training

Creative Dog Training features unique and modern approaches to dog training. The founder, Margaret Jones Davis got hooked on dog training when she was younger, and noticed a gap in the world for simple and practical answers to help owners achieve the goals they want. She’s helped influence training on over 15,000 dogs over 3 decades, what a gal!

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you love all of these blogs as much as we do, happy training.