5 Cool Dog Gadgets That’ll Solve Your Pet-Owner Headaches

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Being a pet owner is a round-the-clock job. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you always have your furry friend in the back of your mind. This can make it hard to stay focused at work or have a fun night out with friends because you know your dog deserves some loving attention, too.


Thankfully, there are all kinds of cool dog gadgets that can help you balance being a dog mom/dad and an average person. These tools make your day-to-day life a lot easier and enhance your dog’s quality of life, too!


Here are five of the top dog gadgets you consider getting.

1. The GoBone

If your dog loves to play, you need to get the GoBone. Actually, this would be a great investment to encourage more activeness from a lazy dog!


The GoBone is a remote-controlled toy. It’s something you can “throw” around the house when you’re home and control when you’re out as well. It’s also durable enough for dogs to chew on and be rough with.

2. A Self-Warming Pet Cot

As nice as it is to cuddle up with your pup, it’s not ideal for everyone to do. Owners who want to teach their dogs to stay off the furniture should invest in a self-warming pet cot.


This comes with special fabric that captures the dog’s heat and uses it to warm them up. It’s a nice substitute for the warmth and comfort most dogs are looking for when they try to jump on the couch or your bed.

3. An Automatic Dog Feeder

Here’s a great dog tool: having something that feeds your furry friend for you!


This is ideal for dog owners who are out of the house a little more than they’d like to be. An automatic dog feeder means you don’t always have to rush home or make plans around feeding time anymore. You just need to get one of the feeders mentioned on Dogable and let it do its thing.

4. PetSafe’s SmartDoor

Does your dog love to go back and forth between being indoors and outdoors? If so, you should consider getting the PetSafe SmartDoor. This is like any old doggy door, except it comes with a unique safety feature.


The SmartDoor will only open for your dog when they get close to it and have their collar on. You attach the door’s “key” to your dog’s collar which gives them entry but keeps other animals out. It’s the best way to let your dog enjoy the great outdoors and to keep your home safe.

5. Whistle

The thing about letting dogs out all the time is that some of them may have a tendency to go further than they should. If you’re always looking for your dog, get Whistle.


This will help you track them whenever they leave the yard. It’s a GPS device that makes it a lot easier to find your dog and keeps you from worrying.

Other Cool Dog Gadgets, Care Tips, and More!

Taking care of a dog is usually a little harder than most people think. But, it’s also incredibly rewarding. There’s no bond quite like the one between a dog and their owner, and that alone is worth all the chewed-up shoes or hairs on the couch.


Plus, the downsides of dog owning are a lot easier when you find the right cool dog gadgets for you and your pup.


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