The Best Healthy Dog Food for Pitbulls Puppies

Being a new owner of a pit bull puppy has been a fulfilling experience for me. Most people believe that pit bulls are dangerous dogs, but that is not the case at all. The truth is that pit bulls are very smart; they tend to have a sense of humor and long for solid human companionship.

I realized that the secret to having good puppies is giving them the healthy foods and making them feel comfortable. I have a pit-bull puppy and since I chose to take its diet seriously, the puppy has responded by being a healthy, intelligent, active, and good looking pet.

I turned to reach out to Sub Reddit /r/pitbulls and ask for advice about pitbull puppy.

“What nutrition food to offer for this puppy? What brands you may suggest? Is it in a reasonable price range? Any specific schedule for a certain kind of meals? Any food that puppy should avoid?”

I received a pretty good feedback from the Redditors. All gave a very useful insights and solid advice which are featured below.

Unlike other dogs that you may have, they have specific dietary needs. They require a particular protein level, fat requirement, carbohydrates and just enough calcium. Above all the puppies need are just enough food and  not too much. These demands have made me cautious in the type of food and the quantity that I give my puppy.

The benefits of a puppy diet 

With the proper diet, your puppy will grow well and have the right balance of features. A combination of nutrients makes the right bone density for the puppies and the right protein content for body building.

  • The right diet keeps the pup happy. Diet not only consists of the food that the puppy has but also the amount. The diet that the puppy has should have the right balance to give it the right PH in the stomach and digestion level. The imbalanced level of PH makes the pup have digestive problems that can make it sick.
  • The right diet keeps the pup looking beautiful. The furs of your pup are made of ketone. Ketone is a form of protein that comes from the foods that the pup has. Having the right diet ensures that the pup gets the right nutrients for its fur formation that will reflect on the looks of the pup.
  • The right diet keeps the pup immune to diseases. The immunity of the pup is usually from body’s immunity system that relies on the minerals that are constituted in the meals. Feeding the pup with the right balance of the minerals will keep you away from the vets.

Raw food diet for pitbull pups 

There is no problem with raw foods for pit bulls. In fact, I started my pup with raw food. The vet advised me that it’s ok, provided I make some observations. These observations include the following:

  • I had to avoid kibble when giving him raw food. Kibble requires a specific level of PH in the gut to digest. Young pups are susceptible and they may get bacterial infections from the raw food mixed with kibble. The artificial additive makes the food stay longer in the gut giving the bacteria time to grow.
  • It is advisable to start with one protein source. More protein sources in the raw food diet will complicate the digestive process. Chicken or turkey will work for pitbulls. The calcium and phosphorus have to be balanced as the pup is fed three times a day. It is important not to overfeed it with the raw food. The right amount which is 3-3% of its adult body weight is sufficient.

Processed food (Dry food) 

For pitbull pups, dry foods are just right. While raw foods are essential in training the pup eating habits and makes eating interesting, the dry foods come in the right PH balance and nutritive balance. I used to feed my pup a wholesome processed food.

It was easy because all the nutrients were constituted in the meal. All that I need to care about was the frequency of the feeding and the amount of food that I offered the pup.

What I gave to my pit puppitbull puppy

A combination of both foods worked for me. However, processed food has the benefit of guaranteed right balanced nutrients and the proper condition for food preparation.

You do not have to fear about bacterial infection because the foods are easy to digest. They do not stay for long in the dogs stomach.

However, raw food has the advantage of developing the jaws of the pup. The process of eating the raw food is necessary for the development of the pups feeding habit.

For puppies, it is mandatory that they have the right diet. You cannot relent on this. I noticed the difference and I must admit that investing in research and the good feed will change a lot in your pet and how you relate.

Problem with dog foods

The problem with most dog foods is that they contain more fillers than healthy ingredients for your dog. This leads to digestive issues, nutritional deficiencies, and an unhappy pet who doesn’t want to eat his unsatisfactory dog food.

Pitbulls, in particular, present a challenge as they have specific nutritional needs which must be met in order for them to be healthy. Taking just a little time to research some of the highest-rated dog foods on the market for your pit bull will ensure that you and your pet are both satisfied.

Best six dog foods for pitbulls and pups

Below is a list, I compiled from the Reddit community and Forums of the top 6 highest-rated foods for pitbulls. Making an informed decision as to what to feed your dog is simple and can make such a difference.

1. Nature’s Domain from Costco

Kirkland Signature™ Nature's Domain™ USDA Organic Chicken & Pea Formula Dry Dog Food 30lb Bag

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Natures Domain is a well-known dog food and cat food company; with a wide selection to choose from of different formulas. They also make treats for your little ones.

Some of the different formulas that they have include

  • salmon and sweet potato blend
  • turkey and sweet potato blend
  • turkey and pea stew blend
  • beef and sweet potato blend

All the formulas are filled with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals to keep your dog healthy, fit and active. A few of the main vitamins included in all blends are vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

2 Redditors recommend this highly.

bigbluebully – “I was feeding Natures Domain and that was $45 for a 35lb bag which lasted about a month between two dogs.” 

He adds that – “As for foods to avoid, pretty much every food you find at the grocery store. Purina Puppy Chow, Ol’ Roy, Pedigree, Kibbles N Bits. They’re full of fillers and you may as well feed a dog cardboard.”

Dalaniel19 – “I came here to recommend natures domain from costco as well! Swear by it!”

2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free 

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This food contains nutrient-rich ingredients like kale, spinach, parsley and broccoli to provide unique, natural benefits.


  • Poultry-free for fewer allergy issues
  • Contains no meat by-products, corn, soy, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Nutrient-dense with antioxidants and probiotics

As mentioned by ladycoleopterist –

“I feed mine Wellness brand (referring to Core), she has allergies so we didn’t have a lot of options but it’s great because they are grain free (all of them, I believe but at least the one I buy is).

Dogs are not supposed to eat grains, it’s not a natural part of their diet so it’s basically just filler. Obviously you want the most nutrition since they only eat one thing most of the time. She’s been eating it for 8 years now and is super healthy, not a single health problem.”

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3. The Blue Wilderness Grain-Free 

The Blue Wilderness Grain Free Puppy Food is a dry food for puppies, often referred to as kibble.

The main ingredient used in the making of this dog food is a chicken that has been deboned; it is all natural and grain free.

It also has a very high amount of protein in it which makes it so perfect for puppies.

This blend of food is so healthy for your dog and you will see them growing and gaining weight just as they should, in a month.

4. Orijen Grain-Free 

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Orijen Grain-Free Puppy Dry Dog Food is a dry mix of dog food for your puppy filled with all kinds of ingredients that help to maintain their balance, as well as their health.

The recipe includes the perfect balance of grasses, fruits, vegetables and meats that support the growth they need because they are so young.

Some of the ingredients used include turkey and chicken that are free-run as well as wild caught fish and whole eggs that are never frozen and free of preservatives.

5. Taste of the Wild, Wetlands Canine Formula

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This dog food was created with the use of modern science showing that your dog shares DNA with wolves.

It is a grain-free blend that includes peas and sweet potatoes along with roasted duck, roasted quail, and some smoked turkey.

Very high in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids it is able to support their immune system, make their skin healthy by creating a coat that is shiny and good health overall.

Provided is the nutrients that they need for each and every stage of their life.

6. Intimidator Jr. 31-20 Growth Plus Formula 

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This food is made in the U.S.A. and is designed to help them in becoming the best working dog ever or the best show dog ever.

It is packed with healthy calories that give them the energy they need whether on the field or hunting. The formula used in this food is specially created to focus on their muscular growth, as well as their skeletal growth.

There are so much protein and fat from the chicken included in the blend that their eyes will become brighter and their coat even more beautiful than ever before, just like champions look like.

A bag of this dog food may be on the pricey side, but it is well worth it. This dog food is well known for being a legendary brand of dog food that all the professional dog owners use as well as all the top dogs out there in the world eat.


One user has his own views though.

welding_guru – Food would be pretty low on my priorities. Dog obedience training and socialising is really important for pitbuls and bully breeds in general. They get protective of their owners pretty quick when they don’t intreact with other dogs frequently. And the have that prey drive and fearlessness of the terriers.” 

It is crucial to allow your pitbull to socialize with other dogs, as well as other humans, so they grow up knowing how to be social. This applies to all other kinds of dogs as well. Partaking in this helps to keep them from being shy and will ensure you that you will be left with a dog who is comfortable with anyone and with whom anyone is comfortable with.

Having Pitbull pup has been a captivating ones. If your pet is dull or does not look healthy, then one of the problem might be the diet. For puppies, it is mandatory that they have the right diet. You cannot relent on this. I noticed the difference and I must admit that investing in research and the correct diet will change a lot in your pet and how you relate.

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