Benefits of Pet Emergency Clinics

Emergency situations can arise anytime, any day and these cannot be avoided as they are unforeseen and unexpected. When it comes to pets, one has to be especially careful and prepared for any emergency situations because your furry friends cannot speak and you will have to deduce their condition on their behaviour. In such situations, a pet emergency clinic can be a huge help.

The many advantages of an emergency clinic for pets

An emergency clinic for pets is just that, a clinic that can be of help when your pet needs emergency medical care any time of the day, even midnight.

  • These clinics are different from the regular vet clinics as the emergency clinics are open 24×7.
  • Veterinarians, one or many, are always present at an emergency clinic for pets to address any type of medical condition that needs prompt and urgent care.
  • They have skilled staff to assist and handle all kinds of emergency situations.
  • An emergency clinic for pets is also equipped with modern ambulances so that they can pick the pets from your house. As soon as they arrive, they will also attend to your pet promptly and provide first-aid.
  • The clinics are also equipped with diagnostic centres so that the pet can be immediately examined and due action can be taken there and then. Some animal clinics may not have in-house diagnostic features.
  • An emergency clinic for pets also have surgical service which makes it easy to get the pet operated if need arises there and therein. Much time will be wasted to carry your pet to a fully equipped hospital from a regular clinic. With an emergency clinic, any type of surgery, small or major, can be taken care of by experienced vets.
  • For any surgery, be it a big or small one, anaesthesia is utmost necessary and this service may not be available in all regular clinics. In an emergency clinic for pets, state of the art anaesthesia service will be available so that your pet can get the most advanced medical care without having to feel the pain.
  • Not all are fortunate enough to get their pets cured and healthy after a visit to an emergency clinic. An emergency clinic for pets also have a 24X7 telephone service just like 911 which you can dial any time of the day or night and there will be someone trained and experienced to help you with any emergency situation. They will also send an ambulance, if need be, to your residence as quickly as possible.
  • In cases where a pet cannot be retrieved or suffer from incurable diseases, and the family decides to opt for euthanasia because there isn’t any other option, an emergency clinic for pets can be helpful. They are licensed and have the right permission to conduct euthanasia on animals, provided the owners or the caretakers agree to it.
  • Some emergency clinics will also take care of cremation of your pets if need be.