Are You Ready For a Dog? 7 Infallible Signs That You Are Ready To Adopt!

An adorable puppy scratches at the glass of a display window, whimpering for attention. You stop, linger, and almost make it through the door before reminding yourself you can’t.

We’ve all experienced that internal conflict. We want a dog, but we’re not ready for a dog.

It’s a commitment, yes, but a rewarding one, as well.

According to the ASPCA, 3.3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year, but only 1.6 million get adopted.

You can help add to the number of adopted dogs each year!

Are you ready for a dog? Here are seven signs that you’re ready to adopt.

1. You Have the Extra Time

Dogs require a lot of time and attention, especially young pups that haven’t been trained yet. Make sure you have a little extra time in your schedule to dedicate to training, love, and care.

2. You’ve Researched Breeds

If you’re asking yourself “am I ready for a dog,” you might also want to ask what kind of dog you’re ready for.

Research dog breeds to decide which best fits your lifestyle. Check their size, behavior, and temperament as part of your research.

3. Your Home is Suitable for Dogs

Some apartments don’t allow pets. If you have a young infant at home, you may not feel like your environment is suitable for a young pup, too.

See if you have space for a dog. Give them a little corner to call them own where they can sleep, eat, and play.

Here are a few small dog breeds that are perfect for smaller apartments.

Do you have a yard? If not, check for nearby dog parks as an alternative.

4. A Dog Fits Your Budget

According to Statista, pet owners spend an average of $1,191.9 on their pets each year.

Make sure that a dog fits into your budget. In addition to the initial cost of a dog, you also need to consider:

  • food
  • toys, a bed, and other accessories
  • vet visits
  • pet insurance
  • doggy daycare

For pet essentials, view here to find everything you need!

5. Your Family is Ready, Too

Are you ready for a dog? What about your family members? Make sure everyone is ready to share responsibilities.

You may also need to check if anyone is allergic to dog fur first.

6. Your Dog Will Have a Social Circle

Dogs get lonely at home all day. See if you have neighboring dogs they can visit and play with.

You can also plan to visit a dog park once a week, so your dog can build a social circle.

7. You Know The Basics

If you know absolutely nothing about dogs, you may want to talk with a dog owner first. They can answer your questions and tell you what they wish they knew before getting a dog.

Are You Ready for a Dog?

Now that you’ve reviewed this checklist, ask yourself again: are you ready for a dog?

While it may be a commitment and change the existing dynamic of your household, a dog also invites change for the better.

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