7 Ways to Keep A Healthy Pet

Pets can be some of the most loyal and loving creatures on this planet. They are constantly a source of joy and happiness in the homes they reside in. Repaying that love with safety and health is the least we can do for our furry and non-furry friends.


Bringing a pet into your home isn’t easy. It comes with a ton of responsibility. Some compare pets to children, and they’re honestly not far off! The basic responsibilities of caretaking apply to both children and pets, like potty training, balanced diets, playing, and snuggles!


If you’re a proud pet owner and want to give your companions the life they deserve, follow along! We’ll give you all the information you need to have a happy and healthy pet.

1. Play with Your Pet

This may seem like a no-brainer, but pets need love and attention. Neglect is, unfortunately, a common issue when it comes to pet care, and the consequences can be heartbreaking. To prevent issues like improper development, and in some extreme cases death, pay attention to your pets!


Taking time out of your day to play catch or snuggle with your pet can mean the world to them and can allow them to develop in a healthy way. Not only that, but it will also make you happy! It’s a win-win situation, so why not do it?

2. Get Your Pet Properly Groomed

Taking your pet to get groomed can seem like an annoying task to do for some and, let’s be honest, half the time you forget. However, grooming is a very important part of the wellbeing and health of your pet! Set reminders and get on your A-game.


Pets who aren’t groomed properly, or haven’t been groomed in a while, can develop skin rashes, irritation, or even become breeding grounds for fleas and ticks. Severe hair mats on pets that are especially hairy or have thick hair can even lead to problems with blood circulation that may result in limb amputations.

3. Sunshine and Exercise Make a Healthy Pet

No one likes to feel trapped in a cage, room, or a house. Taking your pets out to enjoy the sunshine is a great way to keep them healthy, happy, and warm.


Exercise is also a vital part of having a healthy pet; some even say it’s just as important as your pet’s diet. If you don’t want your companion to suffer from obesity, cardiovascular, or other health-related issues like digestive or intestinal problems, make sure you take them outside to exercise regularly.

4. Brush Their Teeth

This is especially important if you have a larger pet, like a dog or a cat. Keeping their mouth clean can not only maintain your pet’s health, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars in the future.


Start by rubbing non-fluoride toothpaste on their teeth, and slowly make your way to a soft brush. Brushing regularly can prevent build-up, inflammation, and tooth extractions, which are notoriously expensive and uncomfortable for your pet.

5. Feed them a Balanced Diet

We’re not the only ones who need a balanced and nutritious diet. Pet’s need them too! A well-balanced diet will ensure that your pet has all the energy it needs to get through the day.


Doing a bit of research on your specific pet can allow you to build a diet that will give them more energy and improve their overall health. Just make sure you keep in mind that there are certain foods animals can’t eat. Do your research and avoid those at all costs!

6. Take Your Pet to the Vet

Regular check-ups can reveal underlying problems that may be affecting the health of your pets. Veterinarians are trained to spot problems and provide solutions for problems that we might not even know about! Taking your pets to the vet can prevent diseases from forming and progressing.


Typically, pets that are younger than a year old should be taken to the vet for a physical often. If your pet is an adult, bi-yearly check-ups are recommended. To have a senior healthy pet, yearly visits to the vet are the way to go.

7. Buy them the Right Accessories

Now, I’m not talking about getting your dog sunglasses or necklaces. Pets have different kinds of accessories! Beds, shoes, sweaters, and bowls are all examples.


Make sure your pet has the right bed. This does not just apply to cats, dogs, or large pets in general, but also to smaller animals! For instance, hamster bedding can increase the comfort level of your hamster, leading to a well-rested pet.


If you plan on taking your pet outside in extreme temperatures, make sure you’re equipped to do so. Fur often does not provide enough insulation in extreme cold. Sweaters and boots are very important to have if you’re considering taking your pet to the snow. It will protect them from the cold, preventing illness and frostbite.


If, instead, you’re taking your pup out for a run in the middle of summer, make sure you have enough water with you. Packing a small, spray bottle with water can come in handy when your pet needs to cool down. Since most animals don’t sweat like we do, they need to find other ways to lower their body temperature.

Wrapping Up

Our pets are often huge sources of happiness and love. They can be the most loyal creatures on Earth or the sassiest beings you’ve met. Whatever the case may be, your pet deserves the best of the best, and it’s up to you to deliver.


Maintaining your pet in tip-top shape will not only improve their overall mood, but it can even lead to an increase in life expectancy and a more energized life. Who doesn’t want more time with their best friends?


If you follow the suggestions listed above, you’re guaranteed to be on the way to having a completely healthy pet. To learn more about how to take good care of your pets, click here!