5 Great Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Many long-time smokers and new marijuana users are raving about the benefits of CBD oil. CBD is a substance extracted from the marijuana plant that is non-psychoactive, which is the main reason it’s legal in all 50 states.

You can put CBD in your drinks, eat it as a gummy, or in one of the many other kinds of treats and sweets it comes in. People love it for the relaxing mood it puts them in without actually getting them high; it’s nice and soothing, but not too strong.

Plus, those who are dog owners have a reason to love CBD even more! CBD works on dogs and cats, too. If you’ve never heard of the awesome effects of CBD oil for dogs, check out these five benefits that happen when a dog eats something with CBD.

1. Less Pain

Does your dog have a serious injury? Are they starting to show signs of arthritis? If so, consider getting them some CBD dog treats, like those made by Honest Paws.


Giving your dog one or two of these treats every single day can bring them back to their old self. Instead of being worn down by the pain in their body, they can continue to be the happy, fun pup you know and love.

2. Less Anxiety

Maybe your dog isn’t as naturally content as other dogs are. If it has social anxiety around strangers or gets a little too protective and comes off as aggressive, see how they react to CBD.


This use of CBD for dogs may be the difference between having to leave your dog at home when you’re going out or being able to have them around other dogs and new people.

3. Better Digestive Functions

Sometimes, the reason to try CBD on your dog isn’t exactly right in front of you, but rather, coming out of your dog’s behind. Digestive issues are common among many breeds, but they don’t have to be something you just live with.


CBD might be the answer to the runny poop or occasional throw-up episodes your dog has. Solving such issues is worth looking into for both your dog and you.

4. Easier Aging

Digestive issues tend to come up as dogs age. This is also when they’re more prone to injury and life-threatening illnesses like cancer. That’s right – unfortunately, dogs get cancer, too.


Luckily, things like CBD oil for dogs and other treatments can help fight cancer if it does come knocking on your dog’s door. It makes the sickness easier on your pet and the whole family.

5. More Peace of Mind

For every clean, healthy and happy pup there’s an owner who’s just as content. Your reason to use CBD may be just for a little more peace of mind.


Regardless of whether your dog is aging faster than expected, having accidents around the house, or just too aggressive, CBD can help. The trick is to find the right CBD dog treats for your pup and to ease into the doses.

Discover the Beauty of CBD Oil for Dogs

Whether you’re already familiar with CBD for yourself or you’re just interested to see how CBD oil for dogs works, don’t underestimate the power this natural resource has. Try it out on your pup and see what happens, you may be surprised to realize just how great the results are.


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